A story of a person aiming for a nurse with a single mother

“I got divorced three years ago with my husband.

And after divorce I was raising a child while doing part.
However, the income in the part is also a little, and the child grows in this way
I thought that it was difficult to pay tuition at times, so I came to think about my workplace.

Initially, I thought about going back to the workplace related to securities companies that used to work in the past,
I thought that the worker who gave a job in hand is safe, and dared to give a nurse
I decided to aim.

In nursing student days, I was able to graduate successfully with parents’ support.

Although it was not an easy 3 years, though I think that income will also stabilize, it is more than this
I do not feel happy.

For children, I think I will do my best to be a nurse as soon as a nurse. “