Can you aim for a single mother as a nurse?

“I can aim for a single mother as a nurse.

However, in order to become a nurse, you must attend a nursing school first.
You have to go to school for 3 years in case of a regular nurse or 2 years in the case of an associate nurse.

Even if you are a regular nurse or an associate nurse, you must do classes and practice in the school.
Classes in the school must also acquire credits, so the days you can rest are limited.
There is no room to rest for practical training.

So, as a child got cold or injured, school leave early or absent
It is not allowed to do.

Therefore, I think that it is difficult to attend nursing school if you can not get the cooperation of parents and brothers etc.

Also, if you go to school with a single mother, you will not have time to work part-
To some extent savings are required until you go to nursing school. “