How to become a nurse while working? (In case of a society)

“It is possible to become a nurse while working.
However, it is not easy.

In order to become a nurse you will not even qualify to take the nurse exam unless you attend a nursing school.

Three years in case of a regular nurse and two years in case of a quasi-nurse, as long as you work while doing work
I have to go to school on a fixed time basis.

Because there is no fixed time school for becoming a regular nurse, I went to the regular time system of a quasi-nurse for 3 years and a licensed quasi-nurse
After acquiring, I will go to school for two more years, or after having 5 years of practical experience, by learning by correspondence education, positive nurse
You can qualify for the examination.

Nursing schools are not sweet and very strict.
Especially when practical training begins, you have to write a record carefully while sleeping.
If you are going to acquire a nurse license while working as a social worker, you have to decide your mind. “