How to become a nurse while working? (In the case of a housewife)

“A person who is a housewife and who wants to become a nurse also
Recently it has increased.

After all it is safe to have a job in hand.
In order to become a nurse, you must attend a nursing school.

In the case of a housewife, it is possible to attend school during the day
3 years for a regular nurse, 2 years nursing school for a quasi-nurse
By acquiring the prospect of graduation, you can qualify for a nurse license.

However, nursing school life is very difficult.
Especially when practical training begins, you have to write a record even if you do not mind sleeping time.

So it is impossible for children to be absent from practice or class because their illness is sick,
Family support becomes necessary.

Before enrolling in a nursing school, you should clarify who you will support and then take the exam
please. “